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From Satisfied Brides and Their Families

Jaime Chavez/Ambiance Entertainment is way more than a DJ. Part music aficionado, part wedding consultant, part wedding planner and part social planner…Jaime was easily the most involved and critical vendor that helped with our wedding - truly a Master of Ceremonies. Jaime met with us on three (3) different occasions to plan out the perfect wedding. We’re talking but real, substantive planning sessions where he would visit with us and step through every detail of the wedding. What music do we love, what music do we hate…who’s/who’s in the family and what are their personalities like…do they have any music preferences…who like dancing…who can we joke with…etc, etc. He even gave us a couple of homework assignments at one point. As things started to come together we realized why Jaime was planning every last detail of our wedding to make absolutely certain that everyone had a blast and there were never any awkward moments. Here’s the truth that you will only figure out after your wedding and not before – The difference between a lame wedding where everyone is standing around having private conversations and a wedding where everyone is engaged, laughing, dancing and having an incredible time is almost entirely dependent on who you hire as your MC. Jaime is a magician…he has a backup to the backup plan…and he makes sure the entire event is a well-orchestrated and memorable event where every person at the wedding is having a blast. Do yourself a favor – hire Ambiance Entertainment for your wedding DJ/MC. You’ll be amazed by how engaged your guests will be with you and with each other. 
~Nick & Susanne

Jaime was actually the first and only DJ we interviewed; we knew after that meeting he was the one we wanted. He is extremely professional, always prepared and on time for each meeting, as well as being very personable (and patient); all his music is mixed together so each song flows into the next, so there were no awkward pauses in between songs for people to leave the dance floor. My feet were actually swollen and sore the next day from all the dancing we did! Almost every single guest made it a point to come up to us to comment on how fabulous the music was; upon checking out the next morning from the hotel, the staff even complimented him saying they were all dancing behind the front desk and lobby to the music. Everyone also agreed that our wedding party intros and games were the most unique and entertaining they had ever seen. He knew just the right times to step in to get the crowd involved but still managed to do so without being annoying or obtrusive. I hate it when DJ’s become pushy or overbearing with the crowd. I have had a few girlfriends get married recently and we have compared notes on certain things and all of them have said hands down that Jaime was the best DJ/Master of Ceremonies they have ever seen. It has been my experience that the DJ can make or break a reception, and in my opinion Jaime definitely made ours. I would highly recommend his services!
~Whitney & Austin

First off, our wedding wouldn't have been half of what it was without Jaime. He did an EXCELLENT job DJ-ing and MC-ing our wedding. What I appreciate most about Jaime is that he took his time getting to know my husband and me, as well as our families, to determine what kind of entertainment he needed to provide us on our big day. We had multiple meetings where he asked all kinds of questions - we were so grateful he did that because our wedding truly reflected our personalities. At the wedding, he did a great job of directing our guests to all the special events of the night (dances, speeches, cake cutting, etc), I think everyone got a chance to witness those moments (which is hard for a 200+ guests to do). Most importantly, our music was on point - he got everyone on the dance floor (including my 85 year old grandmothers!!) to the perfect combination of music. I'm Cuban and my husband is Jewish-American, so it was tough to accommodate everyone's music tastes - but Jaime managed to do it seamlessly. Can't recommend him enough! Go with Jaime, you won't be disappointed! 
~ Cristina

I cannot speak highly enough about Jaime and Ambiance Entertainment! From the first time I got in touch with him, he was very professional and very excited to get to know me, my husband and our families. Not only was he excited to set our first meeting, but he was also very excited to hear all about my vision and what I wanted out of my wedding day. We set up several meetings and at each one, he was determined to get to know us very well in order to provide the best entertainment possible that would reflect our personalities as well as our dream day! Jaime was very professional, very organized (I would have hired him as my planner too if I could have!), and he wanted to make sure he knew everything about us and our families to make sure everyone left our wedding with wonderful memories. During the wedding planning process, being organized is one of the main things and Jaime did such a great job of helping us organize the schedule of events and all of the music throughout the night. One of the fun things we incorporated into our wedding were props; we had props come out to the dance floor throughout the night and Jaime did an awesome job of coordinating fun songs to go along with the props (everyone loved that). When planning a wedding, especially the music at your wedding, which is one of the most important and fun parts of a wedding, Jaime is the one to go to!! The night of our wedding and now four months later, we have received so many compliments on how amazing our music was and how incredible our DJ/MC was! I would highly recommend Jaime, such a wonderful DJ and person. He really has a passion for what he does and for each client that comes his way - he is all about making sure you are happy and completing your vision!! So happy Jaime was there to help make our wedding the best day ever! 
~ Ana

Jaime is absolutely THE VERY BEST!! His professionalism is unparalleled and his genuine concern to provide the desired atmosphere of the bride and groom is unmatched. Jaime provides a level of detail that will tailor any venue, any wedding. One truly feels as though Jaime is a long time friend within minutes of meeting him. There's not enough good that can be said about Ambiance Entertainment with Jaime at the helm. 
~ Diana & John

Thank you for doing such an amazing job. We had guests all night and the following day talk about what an amazing job you did! Everyone loved the flow of the night and how there was never a dull moment. The music was great, the games were fun, and the props were a huge hit! We had a blast and so did all my guests, so mission accomplished. We were more than pleased to have booked you as our DJ and have you spend such a special moment with us. You are amazing at what you do and we can't thank you enough for the amazing night you gave us. 
~Nicholas and Sherry

Jaime (Ambiance Entertainment) made for an incredible engagement party for our daughter and her fiancé this past Saturday night at The Worthington! He went above and beyond to make it a super special occasion from the music, lighting, draping, and special effects (building a Big Tex to keep our State Fair theme going through the party and in the pictures!) to efforts and time made getting to know all of us. He and Leslie kept the music going and the karaoke so much fun! He took the time to meet with me and the hotel event planner, and had great suggestions! He definitely knows what he's doing! In addition to his expertise and professionalism, he's a wonderful person, with admirable ethics and values. We were all thrilled with the party and it's thanks so much to him! Can't recommend him enough!! 
~ Cynthia

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From Wedding Professional Colleagues

Jaime is a great DJ because…he is truly a great MC and is highly professional. The Master of Ceremonies part is so vitally important as the MC will be making the announcements. Jaime speaks well in front of people and with microphone.  He is able to read the crowd and make people dance and party.  Jaime has the innate ability to read body language and sense the need for downtime for the cake cutting or a special toast. To the contrary, he also knows when there is a need to create the energy to get the crowd dancing again.  Jaime knows exactly what to do when something is not going right and keeps to the all important timeline!.
~Ricardo Tomas, The Wedding Architect

Absolutely the most incredible combination job of DJ and Master of Ceremonies that I have ever witnessed this past Saturday at La Cima and one of the best DJ experience I have ever witnessed. Opportunities and challenges arose and were swiftly and smoothly handled. There were unexpected Master of Ceremony duties which Jaime had to perform and you would never have known that it wasn't part of the script.  I was unsure whether anything would get this particular crowd up and dancing. By the end of the event, the Father of the Bride had to keep stretching out the finishing dance because the guests would not leave the party. I highly recommend Jaime for your next event! A great investment for brides and coordinators.
~Kent Smith, Certified Wedding Consultant

A DJ is the key player for the entire night. Jaime is so incredibly experienced and organized that it makes my job, as a wedding planner, so easy. He is the most thorough and detailed DJ -- so much so that he is like a wedding coordinator. He is the only DJ that does not stay behind the booth. He gets very involved with the crowed while not being the center of attention.
~Angie Bluemling, Owner of Black Diamond Weddings

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