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As a full-time Top Bilingual Wedding DJ and Professional Master of Ceremonies, Jaime's in depth training and 34 years of experience in the Entertainment Business make him Dallas' #1 Choice. Jaime has forged trusted relationships with his industry peers and is the vendor of choice especially when there is a need for a Latino DJ and MC!  Even though he handles many all-American weddings, he specializes in Hispanic / bilingual events regardless of subculture (e.g. Mexican, Colombian, Spanish, Argentine, etc.)

World class MC's and Entertainers have graciously mentored Jaime in every aspect of the industry which catapulted him to becoming Dallas' Top Bilingual Wedding DJ and Professional Master of Ceremonies. He has been filmed and critiqued by experts on his every word, gesture, motion, facial expression, body language, and stance in order to refine his presentations before all audiences, microphones, and cameras.

Jaime's professionalism and ability to consistently deliver outstanding results for brides, families, and guests, has earned him a place at the top of coveted Preferred Vendor listings throughout the wedding and event industry. Read what his colleagues say about Jaime Chavez. Visit Testimonials

Meet Jaime Chavez: About Me


The year was 1985. A young, teenage Jaime recognized that he had a passion for music, dance, people, and entertainment. He was inspired by one of San Antonio’s top DJs. Additionally, his high school peers recognized Jaime as class clown, class corniest, and most talented.  In 1986, Jaime had a dream that he would DJ the most popular of his high school’s dances. .And one year later, he was doing just that!  Jaime introduced European dance music to his predominantly Hispanic-American friends which set him apart from other DJs in the area and attracted students from around the city. He continued DJ-ing the monthly dances and at the end of the school year, he graduated third in his class as part of the National Honor Society and as Class Treasurer.

Next, Jaime went onto college and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University. For many years, he enjoyed a successful career in engineering with IBM, Bell Labs, Microchip, and eventually his own engineering consulting firm. All the while, Jaime kept the dream going by simultaneously pursuing his passion for music, dance, people, and entertainment by DJ-ing on the weekends.

Jaime's commitment to excellence and continued growth is evident. Jaime is well read with years of study on every self-help and self-improvement book on the entertainment and music industry, toasts and roasts, becoming a wordsmith, human behavior and interaction at weddings and receptions, human psychology and the history of music. He is a true lifelong learner. He discovered that he enjoyed working with people and making their wedding day very meaningful. He continued to integrate the knowledge acquired through years and years of MC workshops, love story workshops, and entertainment seminars into client weddings and events making him a sought-after wedding industry resource.

After years with one foot in the engineering world and the other foot planted firmly in the Wedding and Entertainment industry, Jaime realized that he wanted to channel all of his talents and giftings into supporting what he valued the most -- respecting and appreciating others, creating connection, capturing and enjoying the truly significant moments of life with loved ones.  Jaime decided to retire early from his engineering career and commit full-time to being the best Entertainer | DJ | MC in the wedding industry. Jaime launched Ambiance Entertainment in 2004. Thus, his youthful dream fulfilled! Jaime Chavez, recognized as Dallas' Top Bilingual Wedding DJ and Professional Master of Ceremonies.

That bit of history only begins to tell the Jaime's story. Read what satisfied brides and their families have to say about Jaime.  Visit Testimonials

Meet Jaime Chavez: About Me


Jaime Chavez has been graciously mentored by the best and gives back by mentoring to the best through The Society of Wedding Professionals which he and ten other professionals founded in 2012. This unique association attracts top vendors in the industry who share their knowledge in order to foster and cultivate a high level of professionalism within the wedding and event industry. The Society of Wedding Professionals is contributing to a better world, better marriages, and happier couples by building a stronger wedding industry. Visit

Meet Jaime Chavez: About Me
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